Montgomery County Woodturners


Phil Brown

Founding member of MCW

1937 – 2018


Montgomery County Woodturners (MCW)

We are a group of woodturners with skills varying from novice to professional.  We share the passion to create beautifully turned objects from various types of material, much of which would otherwise be destined for the fireplace!

New members are always welcome! We meet monthly in Rockville, MD, and we would love for you to join us for a demonstration and for fellowship. We provide camaraderie and education through demonstrations and discussions at monthly meetings, through articles in the monthly newsletter, and by access to a wide array of information on our web site.

MCW is a local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. The AAW is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of woodturning and has over 15,000 members in 27 countries. Many AAW members also belong to one (or more) of over 350 local chapters. Although MCW is a local chapter of the AAW, an individual’s membership in our chapter does not confer membership in the AAW or vice versa.  Membership in AAW is encouraged as it provides an additional source of great information (quarterly journal, national symposiums, members-only resources) and services not available with MCW.

2018 Meetings & Events




January1/11/18GalleryPanel CritiqueQuince Orchard Library
Blackrock Center for the Arts
February2/8/18GalleryChuck CohenThomas Irven
March3/8/18GalleryWillie Simmons
April4/12/18GalleryJanice Levi
May5/10/18GalleryScarlett RouseGermantown Library
June6/7/18GallerySteve Haddix
July7/26/18GalleryPete MadenDavis Library
August8/12/18GalleryJoe DickeyMontgomery County Ag Fair
September9/6/18GalleryJason Breach Vessels From Our Trees
Private Collection
Potomac Library
October10/11/18GalleryMichael KehsTurn for Troops Pen Kit Preparation
November11/8/18, 6:30pm
Member Tips & Tricks11/8/18 2-5pm (Thu)
Skills Enhancement - WWC

11/9 - 11/11 Pen Turning for Troops Veterans Day Weekend

11/30/18 - 12:30-2:30 (Fri)
Wounded Warrior Pen Turning - WWC
December12/6/18, 6:30pm
Clif Poodry - Scoops12/9/18 10-1pm (Sun)
Skills Enhancement - WWC

12/14/18 - 12:30-2:30 (Fri)
Wounded Warrior Pen Turning - WWC

Meetings & Events Archive


A complete listing of MCW Monthly Meeting Topics from 2007-2017 can be viewed here.

Membership in Montgomery County Woodturners is open to all interested people. You are also welcome to attend our monthly meetings as a Guest to get to know us. If you would like to become a new Member, please complete the Membership Application Form and mail it to the address on the form or bring it to a meeting. The cost of membership is $25/year (prorated to $20 in the 2nd quarter, $15 in the 3rd quarter and $10 in the 4th quarter), with Family and Student Memberships also available. We also encourage you to become a member of The American Association of Woodturners.

MCW monthly meetings are held on the Thursday before the second Saturday of each month. Members gather around 6:30 and meetings run from 7:00-9:30 PM and are held at The Woodworkers Club, 11910 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852. To work around the schedules of some of our demonstrators, we will occasionally deviate from this schedule, and we will occasionally hold meetings at different locations. Check our Meetings page for updated information about each meeting.

A complete listing of all MCW Monthly Demonstrations\Programs can be viewed here.