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Mike Sorge: Natural Edge Winged Vase

Mike Sorge

Mike Sorge returns to MCW after his very successful "Big Air" demonstration last year. This year he will demonstrate his award-winning Natural Edge Winged Vase. In Mike's demo, he will describe selecting and harvesting natural edge timber and the process of safely mounting it on the lathe. He will then demonstrate positioning and balancing timber for bark orientation on the lathe to obtain the desired design. Next he will discuss forming the exterior shape and his methods for removing inside material and getting a smooth cut.

Mike comes to us from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He has been turning since 2009, and is a current member of the American Association of Woodturners, Blue Ridge Woodturners and Central Virginia Woodturners. In 2009, Mike discovered rescuing, revealing and preserving beautiful timber through the art of woodturning. Committed and determined, Mike studied books and videos from professional turners and set upon a path of experimentation and trial and error, with the goal of developing a style of his own. Through persistent effort, his signature Geometrics and Winged Natural Edge emerged, elegantly displaying the inherent natural beauty of the fallen tree for art and utilitarian use, heirlooms for generations of enjoyment. Mike has been very busy around the area with demonstrations and classes at almost all the local clubs, sharing his experience and knowledge with other turners.

Demo Fee $10

Vase by Mike Sorge Award-winning Vase

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  • June 10th Wounded Warrior Session: 12:30am - 2:30pm

MCW at the 2015 Montgomery County Fair

For the seventh year in a row, MCW ran a week of turning demonstrations at the Montgomery County Fair. Members Tim Aley, Phil Brown, Bert Bleckwenn, Margaret Folas, Clif Poodry, Emily Koo, Beth McClelland, Don Van Ryk, Jim Allison, Carl Powell, Russ Iler, Rebecca Meyersohn, Jack Enders, Paul Mazzi, Mike Kugelman, Dick Webster and Jeff Tate manned the booth, at least when the weather permitted.

Once again MCW members took several ribbons and championships in the Arts and Crafts judging. See the gallery of these award winning turnings and MCW's activities demonstrating woodturning.

Visitors always welcome!

Visitors and guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings. Please join us if you're in the area and learn about the art and craft of woodturning. All skill levels from novice to expert will find a common ground.

We look forward to seeing you!

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