MCW Monthly Demonstrators/Programs

01/04/07noneInaugural meeting
02/08/07Phil BrownTurning green and spalted wood
03/08/07Doug PearsonSurface Treatments and Other Enhancements.
04/12/07Ed KarchSurface treatments
05/10/07Clif PoodrySpirit vessels
06/07/07David FryDesign and techniques
07/12/07Alan LelandTurning a Stool with Alan Leland
08/09/07Dean SwaggertOpen Segmented Turning
09/06/07Ed KelleTurned and Carved Vessels
10/11/07Brian ButtersChristmas ornaments with eccentric icicles
11/08/07Bill GrumbineSpindle Duplicating Using the Skew and Other Spindle Techniques
12/06/07Don CouchmanTurning Pens
01/10/08Ron BrownNatural-edge Bowls in the Ellsworth Style
02/07/08Clif PoodryCoring System
03/06/08Michael BlakeMaking Tool Handles
04/10/08Eliot FeldmanBoxes
05/08/08The Kaplan CollectionExhibition of Jerry & Deena's collection
06/12/08Ed KarchWood Identification
07/10/08Stuart BattyTurning a Bowl with Gouge Only
08/07/08Judy DitmerBox Turning and Selective Bleaching
09/11/08Jamie DonaldsonSquare and Winged Bowls
10/09/08Eliot FeldmanHollowing Systems
11/06/08Clif PoodrySpindle Turning with Skew
12/11/08Keith HoltNatural-edge "Pouring Vessel"
01/08/09Mark SupikEnd grain bowls
02/12/09Ed KarchUsing earth, bleach, and fire to enhance wood turnings.
03/12/09Stan ShermanTechniques for designing, constructing, and turning segmented vessels and bowls
04/09/09Phil BrownDesign Elements & Turning A Signature Flare
05/07/09Barbara DillMulti-Axis Work
06/11/09Ed KarchPeppermills
07/09/09Ed Karch and Clif PoodryDueling Lathes
08/06/09J. Paul FennellCreating a Work of Art Ð Design, Hollowing, Carving, Piercing, and Finishing.
09/10/09Alan HollarDealing with Burl
10/08/09John JordanTexturing and carving hollowed vessels and ebonizing techniques
11/12/09Warren ChristopherBowl Turning with odd pieces of wood.
12/10/09Bill AutryCreating unique design features, incorporating carving and offset turning
01/07/10Panel Critique
03/11/10David EllsworthNatural edge bowls
04/08/10Patrick O'BrienNatural-edge Hollow Forms From Limbs
05/06/10The Kaplan CollectionExhibition of Jerry & Deena's collection
06/10/10Tom BoleyNatural edge "Barking" bowls
07/08/10Warren CarpenterWorking with burls & walnut slice inserts
08/12/10MCW membersTools, Tips, and Jigs
09/09/10Mark SfirriMulti-axis turning
10/07/10Jim DuxburyKaliedoscopes
11/11/10Bob RosandOrnaments and bird houses
12/09/10Clif PoodryJam Chucks
01/06/11Panel Critique
02/10/11Mark SupikSkew & Spindle Work
03/10/11Chuck EngstromSmall goblets
04/07/11Allen AlexopulosBanksia Pod Hollow Form
05/12/11Margaret LospinusoReturning old pieces
06/09/11Clif PoodrySouthwestern open form
07/07/11Don RiggsAppetizer, Main, and Dessert - The appetizer is a quickly-turned sphere; the main course is a goblet with a crazy-long stem; and dessert will be a small hand mirror.
08/11/11Keith TompkinsSignature Linen Fold
09/08/11Michael KehsTurning a very thin-walled vessel
10/06/11MCW membersPen-turning Workshop
11/10/11MCW membersFrom Tree to Lathe part I - Vision, Preparation, Tools, Techniques, and Safety
12/08/11MCW membersFrom Tree to Lathe part II - Vision, Preparation, Tools, Techniques, and Safety
01/12/12Panel Critique
02/09/12MCW membersSelling Your Work
03/15/12David EllsworthA Hollow Form and a Bowl
04/12/12Mike HosalukUltrathin plates
05/10/12Alan CarterSuspended turnings
06/07/12David Reed SmithEccentric Spheres and multi-axis decorating of spheres
07/12/12MCW membersSelling Your Work - Part II
08/09/12Mark GardnerTurn a Handled Hollow Form without Hollowing
09/06/12MCW membersTools, Tips, and Jigs
10/11/12Ernie ConoverSharpening and Jam Chucking
10/18/12Liam O'NeillTurning a Bowl with a Unique Rim ...and... II) Attaching a Chain Saw to your Lathe
11/08/12Michael ColellaPhotography of turned items
12/06/12Steve AntonucciMaking a hook tool and then using it
01/10/13Panel Critique
02/07/13None - MCW moveHelped move shop to new location
03/07/13Mary MayWood carving on bowls and platters
04/11/13Mike Hosaluk
05/09/13Phil Brown & Clif PoodryCoring System
06/06/13MCW membersTips, Jigs,& trick - Pot Luck Dinner
07/11/13Matt CecilChainsaw care and use
08/08/13Ed KarchTurning Salad Bowl Utensils
09/12/13Mark SfirriMulti-axis turning
10/17/13Mark Gardner3 axis turned square bowl
11/07/13Mike Colella, Stan WellbornBangles and pendants
12/12/13Panel Critique
01/09/14Mark SupikEnd grain bowls
02/06/14William PeirceCutting, Gluing and Laminating - Techniques for Forming Vessels
03/13/14Chuck EngstromBack to Basics
04/17/14David EllsworthTurning bowls
05/08/14The Kaplan CollectionExhibition of Jerry & Deena's collection
06/12/14Warren CarpenterTurning with the pith
07/10/14Derek WeidmanLathe sculpture
08/07/14Allen AlexopulosCandlesticks
09/11/14Molly WintonForm, Design, Surface Enhancements, and Pyrography
10/09/14Clif PoodryXmas Ornaments
11/06/14Jimmy ClewesA Square Box
12/11/14Joe DickeyHow to Create Turned Wood Art Pieces
01/08/15Panel Critique
02/12/15Margaret LospinusoMaking Critters
03/11/15Mike SorgeSquare and Winged Bowls
04/09/15Joe DickeyUltra-Thin Turning Using Light Transmission
05/14/15Michael MochoTexturing
06/10/15Eliot FeldmanHollowing Variations & Strategies
07/09/15David Reed SmithBlue Tape Special - Making book Covers
08/06/15Barbara DillMulti-axis turning
09/10/15Clif PoodryHollowing through the bottom
10/08/15MCW membersTools, Tips, and Tricks
11/12/15Rich FoaUseless tools
12/10/15Mike ColellaMagic Wands
01/07/16Panel Critique
02/11/16Bob RuppThreading and Spiraling Machines
03/17/16Mark St. LegerThree-sided ÒRock-a-ByeÓ Box with offset finial
04/13/16Tom WirsingLarge Platter Making
05/12/16Dale BrightHow to Get Clean Cuts on the Outside of your Forms
06/16/16Mike SorgeWinged Vessel
07/07/16Carl PowellSharpening and Tool Use
08/11/16Roman SteichenCasting and Engraving Pens
09/08/16Dick StohrProfessional Spin Tops
10/06/16Joe KramerBowl from a Board
11/10/16Tim MooreNatural Birdhouse Ornament
12/08/16MCW membersFinishing ideas
01/12/17Panel Critique
02/09/17Matt RadtkeCoring
03/09/17Steve HaddixTexture and colors
04/20/17Jeff ChelfTexturing
05/11/17George TaylorMesquite Bowl
06/08/17Mike Colella, Steve Haddix, Joe BarnardRepairing Cracks
07/06/17MCW MembersTips & Tricks
08/10/17Kaplan CollectionExhibition of Jerry & Deena's collection
09/07/17Mark St LegerBias lidded 3-sided convex box
10/12/17Andy DiPietroPhoto presentation and taking your work to the next level
11/09/17Steve HaddixVideo Augmented Hollowing
12/17/17Bob AndersonFractal Burning & Potluck
1/11/18Panel Critique
2/8/18Chuck CohenHollowing from the bottom
3/8/18Willie SimmonsPepper Mills
4/12/18Janice LeviFinials and Decorative Handles
5/10/18Scarlett RouseBeads of Courage Boxes
6/7/18Steve HaddixMarbling
7/26/18Pete MadenGeometry Inspired Turned Forms
8/12/18Joe DickeySpheres
9/6/18Jason BreachPagoda Box
10/11/18Michael KehsSurface Embellishments
11/8/18MCW MembersTips & Tricks
12/6/18Clif PoodryCoffee Scoops
1/10/19Panel CritiqueJaimianne Amicucci, Greg Holmes, Allen Alexopulos
2/7/19Tom HuberTurning for the Kitchen
3/7/19Tim MooreTurning a Cool Box
4/11/19Barbara DillMulti-axis Cup
5/9/19Rudy LopezWinged Bowl
6/6/19Chuck CohenResin Casting
7/20/19No MeetingPicnic
8/8/19Denis FugeShowing Love From the Lathe
9/12/19Joe KramerThe Wedgie Sled & Irish Lace
10/10/19Judy DitmerBleached Little Bowls
11/7/19Chuck EngstromHolding Your Work
12/12/19Jeff StruewingHollow Form with Threaded Finial & Potluck
1/9/20Panel CritiqueDavid Fry, Barbara Wolanin, Lynda Smith Bugge
2/2/20MCW MembersTips & Tricks
3/12/20Mark SupikCancelled Due to COVID-19
4/9/20Mike ColellaPhotographing Your Work (Zoom Meeting)
5/7/20Mike PeaceSkew
6/11/20Dick GerardSpheres
7/9/20Ed PrettyColouring
8/6/20Jeff HornungSquare Plate
9/10/20Joanne SauvageauColoring and Embellishing
10/8/20Jason ClarkSaturn Bowl
11/12/20John BeaverWave Bowl
12/10/20Emiliano AchavalCalabash Bowl
1/7/21Panel CritiqueJaimianne Jacobin, Greg Holmes, Allen Alexopulos
2/11/21Theo HaralampouGoblet With Eccentric Stem
3/11/21Phil RoseWorking With Burls