Lending Library

Books and DVDs available for loan to MCW Members. Contact John Laffan for more information.


1Vessels of IllusionTrent BoschDVD
2Decorative Utility BowlsTrent BoschDVD
3Sculpting Wood; Beyond the LatheTrent BoschDVD
4Two Ways to Make a Bowl, Stuart Batty & Mike MahoneyDVD
5The Skew Chisel, Alan LacerDVD
6Son of Skew, Alan LacerDVD
7Turn it On with Jimmy ClewesJimmy ClewesDVD
8Cindy Drozda’s Fabulous Finial BoxCindy DrozdaDVD
9Turning Projects from ScrapBob RosandDVD
10Turning it up with Jimmy Clewes Vol.1Jimmy ClewesDVD
11Turning it up with Jimmy Clewes Vol.2Jimmy ClewesDVD
12Turning it up with Jimmy Clewes Vol.3Jimmy ClewesDVD
13Bowl Basics: A workshop with Mike MahoneyMike MahoneyDVD
14Heirlooms: Making things that last Mike MahoneyMike MahoneyDVD
15Bowl Basics - The easy wayLyle JamiesonDVD
16Bowl Basics - The easy wayLyle JamiesonDVD
17Hollow Forms - The Easy Way -Lyle JamiesonDVD
18In Depth Hollowing Techniques – The easy way with Lyle jamiesonLyle JamiesonDVD
19Projects Along the Woodturning Trail, (2 DVDs)Alan LacerDVD
20Del Stubbs (Recovery of classic 1985 video tape)Del StubsDVD
21The International Turning Exchange 2006.DVD
22Build elegant Wooden Kaleidoscopes with James N. DuxburyJames DuxburyDVD
23Yo-yo Turning with Ed DavidsonEd DavidsonDVD
24AAW Woodturning: Fundamentals of SharpeningAAWDVD
25Turning BoxesRichard RaffinDVD
26Turning ProjectRichard RaffinDVD
27Turning Furniture SpindlesErnie ConoverDVD
28Simple Secrets of Spindle TurningTom FlackDVD
29The Ellsworth Signature GougeDavid EllsworthDVD
30AAW American Woodturning 1986-1993 Volumes 1-8AAW Mtg DVD
31AAW American Woodturning 1994-2001 Volumes 9-16AAW Mtg DVD
32AAW 2003 National Symposium Techniques Vol.1AAW Mtg DVD
33AAW 2004 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 1AAW Mtg DVD
34AAW 2004 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 2AAW Mtg DVD
35AAW 2004 National Symposium Instant Gallery and CritiqueAAW Mtg DVD
36AAW 2005 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 1AAW Mtg DVD
37AAW 2005 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 2AAW Mtg DVD
38AAW 2006 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 1AAW Mtg DVD
39AAW 2006 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 2AAW Mtg DVD
40AAW 2007 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 1AAW Mtg DVD
41AAW 2007 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 2AAW Mtg DVD
42AAW 2007 National Symposium Instant Gallery and CritiqueAAW Mtg DVD
43AAW 2008 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 1AAW Mtg DVD
44AAW 2008 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 2AAW Mtg DVD
45AAW 2009 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 1AAW Mtg DVD
46AAW 2009 National Symposium Techniques Vol. 2AAW Mtg DVD
47AAW 2009 National Symposium Instant Gallery & CritiqueAAW Mtg DVD
48Barbara Dill Multi-Axis turning pdf files 2009MCW Demo DVD
49MCW Member Show and Tell Critique Jan. 2010MCW Demo DVD
50David Ellsworth Demo March 2010MCW Demo DVD
51Pat O'Brien Demo - Winged natural-Edge Bowl April 2010MCW Demo DVD
52Tom Boley Platters with Double-stick Tape June 2010MCW Demo DVD
53Warren Carpenter Burls and Walnut slice Inserts July 2010MCW Demo DVD
54Mark Sfirri Offset Turning September 2010MCW Demo DVD
55Jim Duxbury Secrets for creating Kaliedoscopes October 2010MCW Demo DVD
56Clif Poodry Jam chucks and small boxes December 2010MCW Demo DVD
57January 2011 Member CritiqueMCW Demo DVD
58Mark Supik Skew Chisel and Spindlturning February 2011copy corruptedMCW Demo DVD
59Chuck Engstrom Goblets March 2011MCW Demo DVD
60Allen Alexopulos Banksia Pod Turning April 2011MCW Demo DVD
61Margaret Lospinuso Deconstruction & Reconstruction May 2011MCW Demo DVD
62Clif Poodry Southwest Open Forms June 2011MCW Demo DVD
63Keith Thompkins Winged Vessel August 2011MCW Demo DVD
64Michael Kehs Turning a thin-walled bowls September 2011MCW Demo DVD
65Warren Carpenter You don’t have to cut the pith out of it June 2014MCW Demo DVD
66Derek Weidman Lathe Sculpture July 2014 (2 copies)MCW Demo DVD
67Allen Alexopulos Hyperboloid Candlestick Aug 2014 (2 copies)MCW Demo DVD
68Molly Winton Form, Surface enhancements & pyrography Sep 2014MCW Demo DVD
692015 Panel Critiques January 2015MCW Demo DVD
70Jigs and Fixtures October 2015MCW Demo DVD
71Richard Foa Useless Tools November 2015MCW Demo DVD
72Mike Colella- Magic Wands December 2015MCW Demo DVD
732016 Panel Critques January 2016MCW Demo DVD
74Bob Rupp - threading & spiraling jigs Feb 2016MCW Demo DVD
75Tom Wirsing - Perfect Platters Apr 2016MCW Demo DVD
76Dale Bright -how to get clean cuts May 2016MCW Demo DVD
77Mike Sorge- Winged Vessel June 2016MCW Demo DVD
78Carl Powell - Sharpening July 2016MCW Demo DVD
79Roman Steichen - Pen Turning Aug 2016MCW Demo DVD
80Dick Stohr - Spin Tops Sep 2016MCW Demo DVD
81Joe Krammer-Bowl from a board Oct 2016MCW Demo DVD
82Tim Moore- Birdhouse Ornament Nov 2016MCW Demo DVD
83Members finishing techniques Dec 2016MCW Demo DVD
84Panel Critique Jan 2017MCW Demo DVD
85Matt Radke - Bowl Turning Feb 2017MCW Demo DVD
86Steve Haddix - texture and Color Mar 2017MCW Demo DVD
87Jeff Chelf -Platters Apr 2017MCW Demo DVD
88George Taylor - Mesquote Bowl May 2017MCW Demo DVD
89Mark St. Leger - Convex Bowl Sep 2017MCW Demo DVD
90Andy DiPietro - Turning to SculptingMCW Demo DVD
100CD with 4 special issues of Woodworker’s Journal on TurningDVD
101Kelton HollowerKeltonDVD
102Relief Carved Embellishments for Wood projectsTony CorteseDVD
103Connections: Sweet Possibilities and Grave Self-doubtsRon KanterDVD
104Woodworker's Journal Turning Projects 2010DVD
105Hand-Crafted Pens-The BasicsPenn State IndustriesDVD
106Natural Edges & HolLow FormsChris StottDVD
107Hollow TurningJohn JordanDVD
108Rude Osolnik- Dean of American WoodturnersRude OsolnikDVD
109Tormek Sharpening InnovationTormekDVD
110Elegant FinialsCindy DrozaDVD
111Basic Bowl andTurning a box with a fitted lidRichard RaffinDVD
112Turning Wood with Richard RaffinRichard RaffinDVD
Step Up to The PlateAAWBook
Turning 10 Still EvolvingAAW 20th AnniversaryBook
Woodturning NotesBatty, AlanBook
Woodturning in picturesBoulter, BruceBook
Wood Turning from Tree to TableBowers, BillBook
Fundamentals of WoodturningDarlow, MikeBook
Mark Lindquist Revolutions in WoodHobbs, RobertBook
Hand or Simple Turning Principles and PracticeHoltzapffel, John JacobBook
The Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex TurningHoltzapffel, John JacobBook
The Art of Turned Wood BowlsJacobson, EdwardBook
Rude Osolnik: A Life Turning WoodKessler and BurrowsBook
500 Wood BowlsLark BooksBook
The Practical Wood TurnerPain, F.Book
Turning BowlsRaffan, RichardBook
The Woodturners CompanionRoszkiewicz, RonBook
Making Wood Bowls with a Router and Scroll SawSpielman and RoehlBook
Turning Threaded BoxesSwanson, JohnBook
Fruits of Our LaborWomen in TurningBook
Enter the World of Lathe Turned ObjectsWood Turning CenterBook
Woodturning TechniquesWooldridge, WJBook