Beads of Courage is an international program of Arts-in-Medicine, helping children with serious illness tell and own their stories, using colorful beads as symbols of courage and hope along their treatment journey.

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair is a major outreach effort and is an opportunity for MCW members to demonstrate the craft of woodturning in a fun environment.

Public Library Exhibits – MCW provides a traveling display of works at local libraries and other public places.

Turn for Troops is a program of MCW and the Woodworkers Club of Rockville to turn pens for active duty military. Hand made wooden pens are turned and sent to the troops as a show of support for their sacrifices.

Wounded Warriors is an effort to provide therapy to Wounded Warriors who are being cared for at Walter Reed and are in the final stage of recovery prior to returning to their units. It is a program of MCW and the Woodworkers Club of Rockville.